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Film Critic. Essayist. Freelancer for hire. I blog at and can be reached at Non-partisan by nature.

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Life is sci-fi skepticism for the Trump era

Outer space is humankind’s most tantalizing unknown, too vast to comprehend, but just beyond our reach. Since Georges...

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The Guardian

The La La Land backlash: why have critics turned on the Oscar ...

The La La Land backlash: why have critics turned on...

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LA Review of Books

By Immigrants, For Immigrants - Why "Casablanca" Still Matters

WHEN 56-YEAR-OLD ACTOR S. Z. Sakall escaped his native Hungary in 1939 and arrived in the United States to relaunch his acting career, he had a significant handicap: he spoke not a word of English. At lunch ...

Horowitz article

Moonlight Wins Best Picture In A Historic Oscars Snafu

Moonlight Wins Best Picture In A Historic Oscars Sn...

Life, Reviewed

Life, Reviewed

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The Guardian

Why we need to stop saying 'this is the movie we need right now'

A devastating election result has led film critics to stress the importance of cinema as a political force but is it an overly optimistic notion?

Wilson, Reviewed

Wilson, Reviewed

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The Guardian

Sex, Booze, and Stupidity: Fratboys on Film, From Animal House to Goat

The frathouse comedy is almost as much of an all-American institution as fraternities themselves. In 1978, National Lampoon’s Animal House became one...

Personal Shopper, Reviewed

Personal Shopper, Reviewed

Lalaland article

Why Moviegoers Are Tired of Romance on the Silver Screen - Love Is Dead at the Movies

Why Moviegoers Are Tired of Romance on the Silver S...

Paterson, Reviewed

Paterson, Reviewed

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The Economist

The Academy's Best Picture dilemma

THE function of the Academy Awards has always been self-promotion. They were created in 1929 to defend the industry against bad press...

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The Political Idealism of Gary Ross

Who is America’s most successful political filmmaker? While most would argue divisive names like Spike Lee or Michael Moore, I’m going to nominate Gary Ross. You know his films...

20170304 bkp510 article
The Economist

"Get Out" Finds Horror in Casual Racism

“GET OUT” opens at night on a suburban American street. As a young black man looks for a friend’s home, a car pulls up alongside him and he stops in his tracks. We’ve seen films like this before...

Get Out, Reviewed

Get Out, Reviewed